Friday, June 19, 2009

iPuke Botak Jones

Was thinking of what to have for lunch.
Since I was at Bedok Central, decided to walk across the library for Botak Jones.
As usual, I ordered the botak burger with cheese and side order of spicy fries and pasta salad.

The food came in a full plate, each dish taking up third of the plate.
The pasta salad was stunningly A LOT!

Close up of the whole plate.

The combination of pasta salad and spicy fries proved to be a bit wrong.
My stomach was feeling uncomfortable when I reached the bus stop on my way home.
Eventually, my stomach gave way after holding on to it at home for some time.
I think I threw up about 90% of that plate of food.

The next round of Botak Jones, I swear I will not have this side dishes combi again.


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