Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm going for camp tmr!!!!
SOW camp it is called.
Gonna have fun and make new friends.

Damn it's already 3pm,
And i haven't pack my things yet for the camp...
Finish this one first,
Then i'll go and pack.

But i don't know where to meet tmr.
So does Liza.
They didn't update their wedsite,
Nor did they mass emailed us.
So we're quite at a lost now,
Cos NUS sci fac is so damn big.
Where exactly is the meeting place???

Hope that the weather for the next few days,
Is going to be nice...
Not too much sunshine,
Not too much rain,
Just cloudy will do.

We'll be sleeping in the tutorial rooms.
It's air-conditioned you know.
No need to woory about hot weather.
But i don't know if i can adjust
To the difference in weather condition
Outside hot then inside cold...
Hope that i don't fall sick.

Came back from marticualting fair yesterday...
Got a few pamplets for laptops.
I ask my mummy if she can share half of the cost with me...
And the reply was NO...
She says that got no money...
But i really want a laptop
To use it in school...

Maybe i'll use my own savings...
But it'll cost one big hole in my bank account...
And then later sure will get scolding
For spending so much money...

Can someone buy me a laptop???

Monday, July 25, 2005

梦想 · 实现

那儿安安静静,空空荡荡, 真好。



Thursday, July 21, 2005

can someone please help me.......
i can't figure out how to input chinese characters into my document

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

QET Test....

Went to NUS today for QET test...
Damn... why must they set the standard so high -> C5 and below
NUT only for those D7 and below....
Aiya... nevermind
Already set for the paper liao...

the topic wasn't so bad after all
it was on computer and its influence on education
yeh... at least i know something about the topic
but the editing was rather difficult
couldn't really spot the error
essay writing was much better...
passage was against the use of computer in education
so obvious from the title of the passage

after that need to write a 500 essay to the question that follows
something like application question in GP...
title: Is the use of computer in classrooms today a need to be alarmed or celebrated?
points for alarmed.... take from the editing and passage section
points for celebrated... own points lah...

really hope that i dun need to take the english proficiency module...

okie, i love you, bye bye...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Attitude Problem

I hate going to kbox at Tampines now...
Don't ever try to persuade me to like that place.
People there have got very poor custome services.
Food tastes horrible and yet so expensive!!!
Only got two choices today, Laska and Nasi Bryani, and we weren't even told of the price!
Drinks... what more can I say... lemon tea tastes so sweet with so few ice in it.
Luckily we bought subway sandwiches before going there....

That outlet doesn't even open before time... It opens ON time (its considered late to me).
Staff were either not arriving early or not ready to serve their customers.
Goodness it was a weekday... students still studying, so not much people around.

Today's kbox session was rather expensive...
Spent total of $17.50 for two person.
More expensive than what we would have spent if go to the Marine Parade outlet.
Usually about $10+ cos the set luch ordered cost $5.
More appetising and delicious cos really COOK from the kitchen one.
Today's nasi bryani don't know come from where one?
So oily and spicy...
I thought sing kbox eat spicy food not good for the throat???


Saturday, July 9, 2005

Ms Yan's Birhtday Dinner.

Today went to celebrate Ms Yan's birthday at suntec city.
Ms Tan and Benita were persent too.
The 4 good friends...
Teachers and students rather.
Had dinner at a western fusion vegetarian restaurant... or is it a cafe???
Very filling dinner with 4 starters:

=> Wedges with cheese...

=> Salad... Healthy...

=>Mmmmm... delicious... yum yum

Ms Tan and I had noodles while Ms Yan had burger and Benita had vegi lasagna.

Dinner was even enjoyable with the display of fireworks, which can be seen from the 3rd floor windows of suntec.

Come to think of it, having vegetarian food can be rather filling for the stomach.

Contain lots of carbohydrates too.

Ms Yan liked the present Ben and I gave.

A Puss in Boots poster framed up.

It was from Popcorn Pop shop at The Esplanade.

Rather big though and expensive too.

Ms Tan bought her this photo hanging thingy from some "creative" shop I don't know where.

Very artistic design indeed.

But we didn't have coffee that day, quite unusual from what we always do-have coffee after dinner.

Guess we could not find a suitable coffee place to sit down.

And the poster we gave was rather heavy.

So they decided to go home.

I left them to join my class "pests", who were all at Pizza Hut with Mrs Foong and Mei Chew.

Class outing...

It was already 9pm.

Sat down there and talked about uni's life and college.

Found that Xueli and Shiok yi are also in NUS.

Yeah got friends...

Shiok yi's going to call me senior when he enters in 2 years' time.


We finally decided to leave when the restaurant was in the mist of closing.

Foong and Mei Chew offered lifts for some of us...

Peng wee, Peiyun and I went with Mrs Foong cos she leaves near Bedok area.

Mei Chew could only take 3 cos got her husband.

The rest wanted to catch a movie...

Had a nice chat with Mrs Foong on the journey back...

Dropped at Bedok MRT station.

SO FuN...


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