Friday, December 23, 2005

Semester 1 2005 RESLUTS!!!

hey hey...
results came out today for my sem 1's exam.
i can consider my results as good...
here are the grades:

GEK1543 - Microbes Which Changed Human History -> C+
CZ1102 - Computation & Problem Solving -> B-
ES1301 - English (Science) -> B
MA1100 - Basic of Mathematics -> B-
MA1102 - Calculus -> B
PC1141 - Physics -> B-

not bad afterall...
surprised that i got B- for Basic of Maths.
I was expecting to get at most C, judging that i just make it on the dot for my 2 tests.
Wanted an A for calculus.
And i thought i screwed up my GEK paper, and my results came out to be C+.
hahaha... maybe its the group project.

next sem must work harder...
aim to get CAP of 4.
but maybe not so high cos i'm taking French next sem.
new language, so maybe not that good grades for that.
and ECONS!!!
Finally by next sem, when Benita, ms tan and i meet up...
i can finally understand econs terms and can talk econs with them...

my seniors are good man....
got CAP of at least 4, with at least 3As...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Shopping day for me???

Long time no blog...
nothing much interesting in my life nowadays.

I was alone shopping at Orchard yesterday.
So crowded i can say.
Wanted to buy shoes from Charles & Keith
but the place was so crowded
Forget it!!!
brought one set of clothes from Giordano.

And i had my ears pierced...
If your reading this...
I can wear danggling earrings liao...

Went out to Boon Keng road at Kallang
to eat mutton soup with my parents.
Had the mutton bones.
Damn nice and shiok.
with all the bone essences.
Suck it all out with the straw.

It was also my first time buying 4D and toto.
Help my mother buy one...
Not for myself.
The auntie can tell that i'm above 18.

kinda bored now...
playing maple soon...

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

EXAMS are OVER!!!!!!

Can't believe that I survived throughout the whole exam period.
Hard work man!!!
Here's the break down:

The lecturer said that the exam paper is going to be much more difficult than the 2 quizes.
but after doing it, hey! It wasn't that bad after all.
The questions were do able and i felt more relaxed than the quizes but not totally.

Beng's calculus...
Ha ha. what my seniors said is really true.
His paper is really standard.
Qns 1 is on functions.
Qns 2 on limits. blah blah blah...

ha ha... quite an easy paper once you can master the steps behind computation and programming... we thought he's going to set difficult questions to kill us.
nope... programming questions were easy. juz have to fill in a few steps of the code and the other one is to use the code to read FILE.

I think its the most difficult paper.
MCQ question is on true or false...
Which means that if any of the choices is shaded wrong, then the question will be wrong.
Fill in the blanks... dont't really know what the answers are.
Short answer question was better...
Luckily i attended tutorials.

Mechanics but on the killer side.
some parts really don't know how to do.
Maybe i'm having mental block.
Actually know one but my brian juz wasn't woking...
what to do???

let's hope that the class performance will help in my grades...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Exams Are COming!!!!

Shall I start worrying now????
Exams are approaching soon and i feel that i haven't been studying very hard yet...
English paper is this thu liao,
And i'm watching Harry Potter after that with my brother.
6 papers all together...
with 2 evening papers, one morning and the rest in the afternoon.
I'm still writing my notes for Calculus...
Haven't print out the past year papers to do yet!!!!
Aiyoh.... why is everything so rush???
Why must university have exams????
Physics is like mechanics for FMaths, but the applications are so difficult...
Basic of Maths, what can i say...
Those who really understand this module are really crazy!!!
Calculus? Thank god that i got a ood tutor who made us really understand the topics.
Computation programming... getting better with the programming stuf after doing lab 5 my self and with some of chris' final touch.
Microbes which change human history... hmmm
Interesting module but i don't know how the paper is going to be like....
And i don't really know what are the important stuuf to learn...

Oh welll. life goes no like this....
Still have to study for exams...

After that???
NUSPS bazzar, colour and contrast, montage.....

Its never the end of uni's life.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Basic of Mathematics

I've got a very interesting lecturer for BAsic of Mathematics.
Chris says he's like doing a fashion show.
Everyone will always look forward to each lecture.
To see what he wears for lecture.
All different combinations.
None of them is repeated.
Really like fashion show...

Yesterday was the official last lecture.
I was in the LT very early.
Got a shock when Prof Tay came in.
He was in a Hawaii outfit.
Bright red flowery top and shorts.
Like he had just come back from Hawaii.
Nothing unusual during the first half of the lecture.
Then came the 10 min break.

As usual, he went out
Don't know to do what.
But when he came back,
The whole LT very surprised.
Prof Tay came back wearing a straw hat...
Ha ha ha...
Everyone clapped...
Camera phones all out to take picture of him.
He doesn't seem to mind what we are doing.
He's cool man!!!!
Never seen such a lecturer, so daring to wear loud and even weird clothes to lecture.
Wonder what will the other students think as he walked back to the LT from his office???

Once, he came in after the break wearing sunglasses...
Interesting lecturer we have here in NUS.
A Teaching Awardee every year...
He's the best in this semester!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Bored during lecture...

I'm now at Beng's calculus lecture....
So sian...
He's talking about integration by parts and techinques of integration.
Something i already learnt duing my As...

I'm quite worried about my basic of maths test.
Dunno how i well i had done????

Just got back my group assignment for my english module.
The tutor said i did very well.
Got 56/80.
Actually, it was not a pair work at all.
My partner did not do anything, so my tutor told me to leave out his name.
Thus, this is my own assignment.
This is reality...

Onli 50 min into the calculus lecture.
Still got another 1 hour more to go.

I am so lost in my basic of maths work.
To think that i'm able to do the sample paper for the test and then it turned out that the quiz was so different from the sample paper.
So what was the use of the sample paper?
To revise the concepts??? and then don't know how to apply to the quiz???

Finally finish my physics online assignment.
Just remember this morning.
And i didn't really prepare for my physics tutorial today.

OH well....
enjoying the LT aircon.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Finally over.....

After a long weekend + weekdays of studying, I've finally finished all my mid-term tests.
Calculus, Basic of Maths and Computing, and not forgetting my grammar presentation for the english module. Here's the breakdown of the tests:

The whole paper was just plain calculations of limits, differentiation, and differentiability. But i forget the definition of intermediate value theorem and how to show that the function is differentiable. The rest was just fine. No problem.

Basic of Maths:
This was what i was most afraid of. Damn... the paper was difficult as the lecturer always mentioned: "Be sure that quiz 2 is going to be much more difficult than quiz 1." and i really agree that it is true (no need to proven this). Trust me to study so hard the night before, tried the sample paper 2 and made sure that i know how to prove equivalence relations, 1-1 and onto functions, F1 and F2 properties of functions. But the questions turned out to be so different that how don't really know how to apply the prove to them. Luckily i didn't think of walking out of the LT without handing in my paper (we were allowed to do that). Pray hard that i can at least pass.

Why did i take this module?? Not sure but i'm doing it for fac requirement. The test was not so bad except for the source code writing. Not very confident about that section but i tried to write out the full code of what i think it should be. The rest was just normal MCQs, true/false, output questions. Source code was newly introduced in this sem to test if it could be added in exam.

So, let's hope that everything turns out well and that i'll get good grades during exam. My friends said that we don't really have to pass in order to get a B grade cos they will adjust the gradding system accordingly. hmm... My friend said he did only one question out of 8 and he got a B grade for statistics module. ha ha ha....
yeh... i'm going for night shoot tmr

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Darkroom session

Hee hee,
i had a crash course on darkroom today. it was actually meant for the darkroom subcom but kelvin said that the committe members could come and learn.
MY very first darkroom session!!!!
WEll... i didn't really finish my black & white film. i sort of screwed up when transferring the film onto the reel for the tank. haha... gerald helped me then.
having to keep your both hands inside the dark bag was warm!
then it was developing time...
1st step was to pour in the developer (20 deg) into the tank.
have to agitate for 5 times then knock the tank on the table to remove the air bubbles @ 30sec intervals for about 5 min.
i think i was quite violent, like want to break the tank.
then was the stop bath, followed by the fixer.
later, rinse with running water.
yeh.... my first own developed b&w film is out!!!!
next have to hang to dry....
but the student assistant didn't tell us to wipe off the water on the film...
in the end the film surface got water mark on it, then have to wash again and wipe the film dry ( we're suppose to use the sqweezy to get rid of the water).
After film developing was printing.
Went into the darkroom and kelvin showed us how to use the enlarger to project the film image onto the printing paper.
had to work in darkness except for the safe light which eventually helped us to see the room better.
printed 1 picture with 2 tries, 1 to check timing and the other with the desired timing.

darkroom chemicals stinks......

Monday, September 5, 2005


I finally made it into the NUSPS 37th management committee after so many rounds of standing for positions.
I am now the assistant general secretary for the com.
i stood for VP, treasury and then the seniors finally persuaded me to continue for secretray post.
if not, the whole com who be dorminated by guys...
that happened long long time ago during the AGM on 17 aug 05.
now i'm the only girl in the com. ha ha... they cannot do anything to me...
i'm the "Queen"
rather busy with meetings every wednesday
going to get my very own name card soon i hope...
the design looks so cool...
seems that the guys are in clubsnap...
think that i really enter into the correct world of photography...
TPJC's was just a slacking CCA, but NUSPS is where the serious photographers can be found...
my com got this guy, he gets assignments to shoot, usually studio portraits with ladies. he's the course director, of course... he got a very interesting course plan till the end of 2005. thinking of signing up for some of the courses...

woo.... i got lotsa work to do now...

Debit CArd

Hee hee i finally got my first debit card.
Its the NUS-DBS debit card....


Wednesday, August 17, 2005


CORS system is jammed since 9am, where it starts the tutorial balloting begins.
That's what my friends say.
And its TRUE...
People are frantically trying to log into the system so that they choose their idea tutorial slots.
But then, the whole NUS is logging onto the system,
Causing the system to hold up and it seems that no one has yet to manage to ballot for their tutorials.
Not even those who started to try since 9am.
At noon, the system extended its end time to 7pm.
And now, 4.30pm, it is extended to tmr 6am.
I think no one can get thru.
Y can't the system allocate different timing to different year of students??

Saturday, August 6, 2005


YO! My name is Joe,
And... I work in a butter factory.
One day my boss came up to me and said,
"Joe are you busy?"
I said NO!
Turn the butter with your right hand,
Sh sh sh sh sh...................

YO! My name is Joe,
And... I work in a butter factory.
One day my boss came up to me and said,
"Joe are you busy?"
I said NO!
Turn the butter with your left hand,
Sh sh sh sh sh...................

SOW 2005

Hmmm... Haven't been active for the past 1 week cos went for NUS SOW organised by the sci fac... Damn shiok and fun. Trust me!!!

Day 1
Had to report at LT25 at 9.30am. Was like the first one to arrive in my og with Liza... Og name was I DO, I DO. Ha ha... Got an ID tag made from clothes pegs. More og people arrived soon. Introduced ourselves when a newcomer came. WOW!!! got about 3 scholars in my og. Had icebreaking games at S16 lvl 3 in the late morning. My group was the physics, applied maths and maths combination. After games had to put our bags in the tutorial rooms. Had to walk all the way to S13, which was 2 blocks away from S16. Lunch time... After lunch was station games aroung the campus. It wasn't really so much of the whole campus thingy, but we only cover the central library, SRC, SOC, sci library area. We were sure luckily cos we never had to really wait for the shuttle bus to arrive. The bus just knew that we need to take them. Played for the whole afternoon. After dinner was a talk by the senior on CORS bidding and what are the requirement to graduate. The whole SOW fell restless after a while but we still had to listen to them. Then was SP time. Had to blind fold and then we were brought to this secret area to meet our SP. Hahaha... I got a girl cos they say got not enough guys to go around cos its 2 diff ogs exchange poeple. Speed dating after that was damn sian... had to repeat what you say to the first person to many poeple down the row. Midnight... went to Fong Seng to have supper. Had to walk form sci fac to arts fac. damn long... later went to PGP residence to bathe cos got seniors and freshies staying there. wah... nice bath... slept at about 3am.

Day 2
Woke up at 7.30am. Toilet overcrowding sia... Had "wet" station games at SRC with buddy og. wasn't really wet afterall. just have to be careful. Playeed for 3 stations then had lunch there. haha... we won against other teams at all 3 stations... Afternoon was time for CORS bidding cos the bidding closes at 3pm. Kinda regretted not planning my modules in advance, cos had to plan and search for the modules on the spot. then half hour before closing time, server jammed... wah... super slow even though its INTRANET. yah.. but managed to bid for them before time ends. went down to PGP again to bathe. aiyo... have to trouble linyi (senior) and her friend again... toilet only got 4 bathing cubicles so have to split into 2 groups. Night time was delicated to fright night. Seniors really put in lots of effort in their makeups and acting skills. Looks so real. I was so scared and tramatised after the first LT i went to that I didn't want to continue the next 2. Poor christ. had to join with another couple. Haha... Gary and suan hui even tore down the curtain props in the passage way of the back door to the LT. Boo boo... Supper was at NUH instead cos Fong Seng too far to walk... Slept went returned.

Day 3
Last day of the 3 days camp... but its not all over yet.
Morning had house games at SRC but only managed to complete 2 games cos of the lightning and the rain. Stayed at the grandstand and so the seniors decided to teach everyone the sci fac cheers. really had fun even though was raining heavily outside. Left SRC immediately once the rain becomes drizzle... Going home... haha, got my 3 core modules but i think i shoud have bidded for 4.

Day 4
Freshemen inauguration ceremony... don't know what's that??? its just a small ceremony to welcome all the freshies and some introductions to the various heads and then taking a pledge. got a nice black folder as gift. But then the whole thing was rather boring, with all the talking and introducing... had a mini og outing at orchard.

Day 5
NUSSU Flag Day... To those who saw those people wearing yellow t-shirts, carrying tin cans, asking for donations... that's us, the nus freshies. but... of all good places, my og and to go to yishun to do flag!! WTH!!!!woke up like 5.30am to take bus from tampines to yishun... then alighted at the wrong stop!!! wah... flagging was really tired doing whole day. didn't like to ask poeple to donate so end up collecting only 1/2 tin out of 2 for the whole day...
Really very tiring...

Day 6
Suppose to meet at tutorial room at 3pm but no one was there so i went down to comp lab to play and also check my bidding... went to tutorial room much later to realise that we had to put up buddy's room for a while to discuss the talent night thingy. night games was much better and more fun although we ahd to crack our brains to solve the clues... something like the 无间道 movie. The area near LT 25 was transformed into gambling dens with gansters and police walking around. we are suppose to solve where the estascy pills trading will take place and then to inform the police... people we caught to jail went caught gambling and had to shout POLICE!POILCE! when we see police coming near gambling dens. Fun running up and down the stairs solving the clues but we didn't get the correct trading location... just miss out the police factor... sleepless night, played true or dare the whole night that we had to stay in the room doing dares cos people were alseep in the other rooms, so cannot disturb... the game got lvl one, starting from lvl1000, like our modules... i managed to reach lvl3000 while suanhui was like phD lvl already...

Day 7
SENTOSA day was dampened by the stupid rain that came shortly after we left NUS... which means that we have time to discuss the talent night thing. but i was tooo tried to think. still, we managed to get the plot done. left at 3pm.

Day 8
Morning was devoted to talent night practices... afternoon got photo taking... then was talent night... lots of laughter seeing guys acting as girls... hahaha... then dinner with SP... got candlelight some more. menue was western food, either fish or chicken without fries. so sad and pathetic... not many people want to leave their SPs after dinner. had a good time talking... oscar night was next... just mere prize presentation...our og got nominated for all category but didn't gat any. so sad... that means that we're good. chiong night again. played animal game, good morning sir game, true or dare... hungry??? yes!!! some of them went to west coast mac to buy supper?? breakfast?? sleep at 4.30am... yawn...

Day 9
Last day of SOW... the most awaited day for everyone. Its Rag day, continuation from flag day. Displays of floats and performances... everyone were working so hard for this day and can see that they're all very stressed at 5 am at the stadium last mintue working on the floats and dancers... shouted till our voices are gone... but all the hard work were not wasted. sci fac got the award for 1st in flag day, best cenntential dance, overall winning faculty... its like a dream come true for everyone cos sci fac has been yearning for this for 17 years... now, its back to sci fac again!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone were shouting for joy as they announced to winning faculty and the other awards... haha i'm feel so proud to be a sci fac student. SCI FAC ROCKS!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm going for camp tmr!!!!
SOW camp it is called.
Gonna have fun and make new friends.

Damn it's already 3pm,
And i haven't pack my things yet for the camp...
Finish this one first,
Then i'll go and pack.

But i don't know where to meet tmr.
So does Liza.
They didn't update their wedsite,
Nor did they mass emailed us.
So we're quite at a lost now,
Cos NUS sci fac is so damn big.
Where exactly is the meeting place???

Hope that the weather for the next few days,
Is going to be nice...
Not too much sunshine,
Not too much rain,
Just cloudy will do.

We'll be sleeping in the tutorial rooms.
It's air-conditioned you know.
No need to woory about hot weather.
But i don't know if i can adjust
To the difference in weather condition
Outside hot then inside cold...
Hope that i don't fall sick.

Came back from marticualting fair yesterday...
Got a few pamplets for laptops.
I ask my mummy if she can share half of the cost with me...
And the reply was NO...
She says that got no money...
But i really want a laptop
To use it in school...

Maybe i'll use my own savings...
But it'll cost one big hole in my bank account...
And then later sure will get scolding
For spending so much money...

Can someone buy me a laptop???

Monday, July 25, 2005

梦想 · 实现

那儿安安静静,空空荡荡, 真好。



Thursday, July 21, 2005

can someone please help me.......
i can't figure out how to input chinese characters into my document

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

QET Test....

Went to NUS today for QET test...
Damn... why must they set the standard so high -> C5 and below
NUT only for those D7 and below....
Aiya... nevermind
Already set for the paper liao...

the topic wasn't so bad after all
it was on computer and its influence on education
yeh... at least i know something about the topic
but the editing was rather difficult
couldn't really spot the error
essay writing was much better...
passage was against the use of computer in education
so obvious from the title of the passage

after that need to write a 500 essay to the question that follows
something like application question in GP...
title: Is the use of computer in classrooms today a need to be alarmed or celebrated?
points for alarmed.... take from the editing and passage section
points for celebrated... own points lah...

really hope that i dun need to take the english proficiency module...

okie, i love you, bye bye...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Attitude Problem

I hate going to kbox at Tampines now...
Don't ever try to persuade me to like that place.
People there have got very poor custome services.
Food tastes horrible and yet so expensive!!!
Only got two choices today, Laska and Nasi Bryani, and we weren't even told of the price!
Drinks... what more can I say... lemon tea tastes so sweet with so few ice in it.
Luckily we bought subway sandwiches before going there....

That outlet doesn't even open before time... It opens ON time (its considered late to me).
Staff were either not arriving early or not ready to serve their customers.
Goodness it was a weekday... students still studying, so not much people around.

Today's kbox session was rather expensive...
Spent total of $17.50 for two person.
More expensive than what we would have spent if go to the Marine Parade outlet.
Usually about $10+ cos the set luch ordered cost $5.
More appetising and delicious cos really COOK from the kitchen one.
Today's nasi bryani don't know come from where one?
So oily and spicy...
I thought sing kbox eat spicy food not good for the throat???


Saturday, July 9, 2005

Ms Yan's Birhtday Dinner.

Today went to celebrate Ms Yan's birthday at suntec city.
Ms Tan and Benita were persent too.
The 4 good friends...
Teachers and students rather.
Had dinner at a western fusion vegetarian restaurant... or is it a cafe???
Very filling dinner with 4 starters:

=> Wedges with cheese...

=> Salad... Healthy...

=>Mmmmm... delicious... yum yum

Ms Tan and I had noodles while Ms Yan had burger and Benita had vegi lasagna.

Dinner was even enjoyable with the display of fireworks, which can be seen from the 3rd floor windows of suntec.

Come to think of it, having vegetarian food can be rather filling for the stomach.

Contain lots of carbohydrates too.

Ms Yan liked the present Ben and I gave.

A Puss in Boots poster framed up.

It was from Popcorn Pop shop at The Esplanade.

Rather big though and expensive too.

Ms Tan bought her this photo hanging thingy from some "creative" shop I don't know where.

Very artistic design indeed.

But we didn't have coffee that day, quite unusual from what we always do-have coffee after dinner.

Guess we could not find a suitable coffee place to sit down.

And the poster we gave was rather heavy.

So they decided to go home.

I left them to join my class "pests", who were all at Pizza Hut with Mrs Foong and Mei Chew.

Class outing...

It was already 9pm.

Sat down there and talked about uni's life and college.

Found that Xueli and Shiok yi are also in NUS.

Yeah got friends...

Shiok yi's going to call me senior when he enters in 2 years' time.


We finally decided to leave when the restaurant was in the mist of closing.

Foong and Mei Chew offered lifts for some of us...

Peng wee, Peiyun and I went with Mrs Foong cos she leaves near Bedok area.

Mei Chew could only take 3 cos got her husband.

The rest wanted to catch a movie...

Had a nice chat with Mrs Foong on the journey back...

Dropped at Bedok MRT station.

SO FuN...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Went for medical checkup at NUS today at the uni's clinic. Didn't really quite know where to alight. But I did make it to the clinic. It was rather crowded though. Luckily I've filled up the form before I left the house, so registration at the counter was simple and fast. Had to fill up some card for record purposes. First station was the height and weight then followed by the eye check. Then the person directed me to the urine test station. The staff passed me a cup and asked me to fill up a bit. Toilet was a queue cos got only 2 cubicles. Everyone coming out of the toliet carrying a cup of urine. Rather funny... I saw this familar face, looks like Mei Sze but I think she didn't notice me when she came out of she toilet.

After then test was consultation. I saw her again. It was indeed Mei Sze. She saw me too and we sort of made contact from a distant apart.I was called before mei sze and went for the x-ray after that.

X-ray was even crowded with so many people cramped inside a small room with only one x-ray room built. It surely wasn't meant to cater for such freshmen checkup exercise. But the funny thing was that there wasn't a need to change our clothes, even for the ladies with the metal wire inside the bra. Only certain quality prints on tops are not allowed and also accessories are too to be removed. The process was smooth and fast. No need to wait every long before we were given the signal to leave.

But wait.... How come I do not have to take the blood test??? Nevermind, I see that some also didn't take he test. Ha ha.

Later in the afternoon still got eye appointment at the SNEC. Still early, so decided to go down to chinatown for luch and shop around. Just remembered that I needed to get something from Popular so went to the one at Majestic but they don't have the book. Time for lunch. Really missed the food at chinatown hawker centre so just walked across the bridge to get there. Took quite a while deciding on what to eat before I finally decided to try the really cheap japanese food near the beehoon and chee cheong fun stall. Really cheap! Only $3.80 for ugani rice that comes with soup and salad. Its EEL rice... EEL already cost alot. That price for normal chicken chop rice is understandable but for EEL rice? Unbeliveable!!! Dame tasty!!!

After luch had some walk around chinatown and managed to find a small ink pad of the chinese stamp. Cost only $1. Still got 2 more hours to go, walked down to chinatown point to shop. Nothing much to see... Forget it!!! Board bus 33 at abotu 2pm for outram mrt station. Too lazy and too hot to walk there. My feet is in pain form all that walking in that hard slipper.


Okie, I love you... Bye bye...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Final Theory Test

Aiyah... I fail my final theory test :(
Dam... Why must they change to using computer to do the test?? If not book test can cheat one cos got answer on the book... After the test then I realise that I've chosen the wrong answer for some of the question. Some questions got answers that are so close to each other, you don't really quite know which is the correct answer.

Oh well... went to book another test and its scheduled on the 2 Aug, second day of the official oritentation. But think that day is some rag and flag day, so shouldn't be a problem.

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Diabetic Camp

Day 2...

Morning call was at 7am. Breakfast was schelduled at 8am. The very first breakfast for the camp was only half an hour as there was a trip to Pulau Ubin scheduled at 8.30am. Breakfast was delicious except for the scramble egg which was too watery, more like mashed half-boiled egg. Everyone gathered at the function room at 8.30am for the grouping for the boat ride and the Ubin tour. Dr Lee had mentioned yesterday that the crew from Channel NewsAsia will be coming down this morning to do a media coverage of the camp. I found the camera man stationed at the Changi Ferry Terminal. The terminal was crowded with school students. People at the terminal were curious seeing a camera man at the ferry terminal. Ha ha...
My allocated group was easy to manage. With only one family comprising of 2 adults and 3 children and then, the rest were volunteers and staff. We had fun on the boat, playing racing game with another boat where Dr Fabian Yap was...
Weather at Ubin was hot and sunny. Everyone took shelter at the information centre while waiting for the volunteer tour guides to come. Dr Lee kept the campers busy by giving quizzes about the plants and animals found on the island. The camera man was busy shooting the campers taking the tour at the Sensory Trail, which two groups were taken by a guide. We were told the various plants and its uses, and also which plants are used as a form of herbs to cure different sickness.
Time passed so fast while touring. Soon it was time to make our way back to the jetty for the ride back to the hotel... Everyone were exhausted from the trip, especially the little ones who were face-red. When we reached back at the hotel, we had to gather at the function room awaiting for instructions for change and lunch.
Everyone had a good shower. I went down to get ready for lunch, not realising the surprise that is going to come. Joyce, the camp commander, was standing outside the function room with the CNA's crew when she saw me coming. I went over and she asked me if it was possible for me to be interviewed.
Me? Interview? Why me???
wo years ago, I was asked to do a photo shoot for the Time magazine and now an interview for CNA.
I had to say yes, but I didn't quite like the idea of being interview in front of the camera. I'm camera shy!!! They asked me to bring down all my meters and stuff, sat down at a table and shot me taking the glucose mornitoring, take a tablet and then, 4 units of injection. Then it was the interview. I was interviewed at the dinning area where the crew said that it was more casual and informal instead of having it in a room. It was all on-the-spot answering. No script, no notes, nothing. Just a simple Q&A interview. It was rather scary to stand in the middle of the dinning area with people around me and the hotel management behind the camera man. The camera man made a joke, telling me that I'm a SUPERSTAR.
The interview was finally over in about 1/2 hour and I was able to enjoy my lunch peacefully....
In the late afternoon, there was games by the poolside, called hydrolympics. It were games involving the use of water in any form, be it water balloons or collecting water in the fastest time or transporting objects using water. Everyone one had fun getting wet and some eventually went into the pool to play, while some got splashed by water from another person. The children and their parents really enjoyed themselves.
I heard that dinner was BBQ but I had to leave already as I'm leaving for China the next day early morning.....

Okie, I love you, bye bye!

Friday, June 3, 2005

Diabetic Camp

1st day....

Arrived at KKH at slightly past 8.30am. Ha.... see a few familar faces again since we last met each other 2 years ago at the last camp. I was the volunteer photographer for the camp. A veri shy photographer I am. My so call gang only left Ying ying. The rest??? Don't know where they have dissappeared to. Everyone had to gather at the staff lounge. Childern were all clinging onto their teddy bears, a gift from one of the sponsers. Me? Busy taking photos of families and individuals. Then the doctors came at about 11am, after their hospital duties. Dr Warren Lee made the opening speech and introduced the various staff present at the camp, ranging from doctors to nurses to dietitians to social workers. Later we had tea at the staff lounge with a choice of sandwich with orange juice or just water.
We set off for Changi Village Hotel at about 12pm.
The newly renovated hotel was huge and nice. Got very interesting toliet too. It was time for lunch. Ying ying and I are always very close to the staff. Since the queue for the main course was very long, we all decided to start with the salads and the cold dishes. We wanted to wait for the queue to fade off before we start queueing for the main dishes but by then, choices were quite limited.
After lunch, there was a short talk by Dr Vera Oh and then the checking in of rooms. I shared room with Judith and Hui Yi. Room number was 225 at level 2. Walking to the room was like a maze cos the hotel was designed to be of a triangular shape and our room was on the far end away from the lift.
Later in the afternoon, we had station games at the Changi Broadwalk. The whole camp had to walk quite a distance before reaching the broadwalk. Everyone were kept busy along the way with paper quizzes to discover more about Changi. The weather was very hot and everyone had a lot of fun. The games were completed in about an hour and the children had time for a swim. The rest just went back to their room to rest their tired feets and cool down their sweaty bodies.
Dinner was at 7pm and then was some interactive session. The day ended with a debrief for the staff at about 10.30pm...

Okie, I love you bye bye!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Okie...... I'm trying to push down my Ubin blog so that it doesn't have to take a long time to load the pictures and everything else. anyway, my new computer has already arrived. Phew, just in time before i leave for my camp and for China.... so i'll be away from this computer for 2 weeks.
haha this blogging can cheat the date you enter your entries. so can keep details of each day's activities.

Okie, I love you, bye bye!!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Hmmm... nothing to write in lately, so my blog very empty each month.
Anyway, Liza and I want to sign up for the Science Orientation Week cos like veri fun. Go uni of course must join their camps wat... then the SOW director scare me in the email he reply, say what this week last week to sign up. its actually for the OGLs. We ahve to sign up via their website... phew!!! let's have lotsa fun in the camp...

Aiyah... the Esplanade company sent the email to me to say that i was not successful in my interview as a casual usher... hiaz... didn't pass the interview for the second time. My deduction: working time frame too short for them cos i starting school in Aug... what to do???

Okay... really got nothing on my mind to write anymore... very sian...
But i'm waiting for the new computer to arrive... :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Going to NUS! YEAH!

I got the application package from NUS liaoz... Now can safely decline NTU's application. Got a lot of things to do to apply into NUS. But first, have to accept the application online, then sent back the form with the photo for some card processing. Later still need to do medical examination.
Anyway, Liza got into the same course and me too. That means we're in the same school. School mates again. Heard that she went for the interview for the teaching scholarship. But I haven't receive anything from them yet. Does that mean that I didn't pass the application? Or do I still have to be hopeful of hearing from them?
Nevermind.... still got chance for the NUS scholarship. Hope that I can get. Dun have can apply for other scholarship.Look for bond free ones.
Looking thru' the package NUS sent to me, it seems that they have a lot of camps organised by the different groups before the start of the school term. They seem to like SENTOSA a lot too. Maybe i'll go and ask Liza if she wants to join the science orientation week cos like every fun. Wanted to go for the diving trip but too expensive... $450!!

Have to end here cos my brother wants to use the comp.....

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Pulau Ubin Trip

What a tiring day....
Went to Changi Beach with Xinyi to shoot but didn't expect to end up in Pulau Ubin. So hot and sunny too. Since we're on this island, might as well take a walk round the island. As we were walking, I spotted the unusual car plates on this island. Interested, and took a few pictures of them.

Ubin car

Ubin car plate

Wondering whether to take the bicycle or not, hey, just stop and take another picture of the rows of bicycles parked outside, waiting to be rented by tourists. So CHEAP... only $3 per day. You pay only 3 bucks for unlimited usage of the bike...

Bicycle shop

Then there was two guys sitting outside a house, idling around. Okie... Quickly took a photo of them while they weren't looking...

Ubin life

Doggy, nice doggy

Everything is so interesting to take on this island, even for the car's vihicle license. Its pink in colour, different from what we have on mainland.

Ubin Pink Vehicle Licence

Pass the shophouses and walked into the jungle. We chose to take the discovery trail. Boy! It is a discovery trail. Saw a lot of things. From the jackfruit to oriental pied hornbills to even monitor lizards. Dangerous...


Oriental Pied Hornbill

Next, we dropped by at the village chief's house, attracted by the unusual nosies coming from the cages... Guess what we found? An ostrich at the backyard, about 2m tall. We were so excited, never seen an ostrich so close up before. Quickly took pictures.

Ostrich in Ubin?

It was a long walk before we made it to the jetty finally.... Had to wait till there are 12 passengers before we can take the boat back. In the mean time, took some pictures from the jetty.

Approaching boat

Really enjoyed ourselves. Promised to take essential things ( hat, insect repellent, towel, water ) along whenever we go out...

Tiring but fun.
Ha ha ha

Thursday, March 31, 2005

New Job?

Okie... i went to a job interview on mon, 280305 at Starhub centre at Buona Vista. sure it was dam far away. oh what to do, cannot be fussy about location. since i may be studying at NUS, why not take it as a training for me to get to that area?
Position applying for was a temp job at the marketing communications dept, doing some coordination and admin work. wow! they deal with broadband services such as advertisiting and roadshows. sounds rather challenging to me. but the problem is that the location is too far in the industrial estate. wonder how am i going to get out if i work up late at night?
So i went through the interview smoothly and they sort of really need temp people to help them. they say they will call me to inform me when to report for work. but then , today is already thursday and i haven't receive any call from them yet. gotta be positive! i know that they want to employ me.
heard that there is a coporate bus ferrying staff from the mrt station. i think i won't have problem getting in and out if i were to work the normal working hours, 8.30am to 6pm.
oh... please call soon...

Dental Operation Tmr!

Oh no... I'm having my wisdom tooth operation tmr. i'm so scared. its under local anaesthesia, which means that only my lower jaw will be numb. wah... wah... wah... oh well, everyone will have wisdom teeth, not 1 but 4 of it. it juz so happen that the lower one on the left erupted partially and in the wrong direction. resulting in a food trap ( like a big gap between teeth ) which caused pain eventually when food gets stuck in it.
haiz... only can take soft food after the op. somemore will experience numbness in the lower jaw cos the nerves is soooooo close to the teeth. but the doctor say will recover in a few month's time and the success rate is like 99% i think. what to do... dun take out will have a period of pain. think operating on it is the best choice before it gets worst.
Take my advice for those experiencing pain due to the wisdom teeth.
You'll just lose a bit of wisdom only *ha ha*

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Spongebob Square Pants Movie

Ha ha...
Today's the opening for The Spongebob Square Pants Movie. Yes!!! Finally... I've been waiting for it since Jan. Brought my brother down to Orchard Cathay to watch. hmm... i wanted to buy the 2.10pm show but its selling out fast. dun think got the seat i want, so got the 3.55pm one instead. Wah... the time i bought the ticket was at 1+pm... got 2+ hours to spare. What to do...
We went walk walk along orchard road. I haven't take my lunch yet. We were walking past Taka... maybe i can bring my brother to Far East to eat?? Yes I did. there wasn't much to eat and we ended up eating the XXL Crispy Chicken from some Taiwan shop. Dam... the girl put soooo much powder in the chicken that it tasted soooo spicy. Had to go to 7-Eleven to buy water... Mouth On FIRE!!!!
Start to walk back at about 2.30pm and drop by Lucky Plaza to look at GBA games. Reached Cathay Orchard at 3pm, so went to play arcade... Later went to buy Jumbo Hotdog combo, which later regreted cos spent too much on food... Finally, the cinema is open... Ha ha... the movie was dam funny. Full house show.
Go watch Spongebob Square Pants The Movie and bring out the kid in you!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

PSC scholarship

I didn't know that the application for the PSC scholarship is so complicated. First have to register and wait for the password letter to be sent to you. Next, have to fill in a lot of details in the online form. Got some parts dunno how to fill. Finish part I still got part II, need to write essay. Haiz... I not very good at the essay component... Hope I can get into the interview.

I really want that teaching scholarship.

Friday, March 4, 2005

'A' Level is OUT!!!!

Tense feeling fills the air...
The 'A' Levels results worth waiting for is finally coming out at 2.30pm today.
Well... I met up with my class Pests to have luch at Swensen's. First time see Korpen with almost no hair!! Ha ha. They say korpen always attempt B or C ( sort of like excuse from activity ). dunno how is he going to pass out like this??? We went to TM after lunch to get birthday cake for mei chew. take so long to decide what cake to buy. haiz.. too many choices...
So the cake is bought...
Went to college to collect results. Principal's talk was rather long... reading all those who scored straight As. Announcing the top scholar of the college... got 7 distinctions... break record... WOW!!

Finally... the time has come. Had to collect lots of info books and take the college yearbook then take the result slip. The first subject I see when I get my results? GP... ha! got a C5... yeh.. pass GP finally. Everything went by so fast... I managed to get a glimps of seeing an A, A for Mathematics. Taking a closer look at the result slip... what? B or Further maths and Physics!! I wanted an A for FM! B for physics was rather unexpected. anyway I studied hard.

So... I got one A and 2 Bs...
I've decided to try for the teaching scholarship.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Terror Trainee: Part 2

Next day....
I started work earlier cos my MGR asked me to. But I wasn't working alone ( that's a sad thing :( ). My new staff came at about 8.30am. Issit going to be another bad day for me??

Weird... She count the money in the cash register and it total up to a sum of $290 ( I think ). How can it be?? I counted $300 in there. Nevermind... I went to count the money again and proved to her that there was $300 in there. Ta da... $300.
Okie... she start work counting wrong amount of money.

I didn't do much at the counter except for bill payments and topping up of Cash Cards and Autopass Cards. The AM had asked me to let her attend to the customers while I do something else and watch her. I'll help only if there are too many customers.

As usual, she forgets about the product code, not sure of what drink customer purchase and most IMPORTANTLY, the Hello Kitty promotion in which customer is entitled to one with every $5 purchase. I wonder if the mystery shopper turns up... the MGR and AM will be in trouble! Haiz...

A last... ending shift soon. She had to close her cash register first so had to ask her to do a last pickup at 2.30pm. Dam was she slow... I've never seen someone who takes 15 mins to count all the money in the register and leave behind $300. WAHHH.....

That's another day with the new staff....

Friday, February 25, 2005

Terror Trainee

I never expect myself to be training another person in 7-Eleven since I've just work there for only 2 months. Oh well...

A new staff came to work today and I had to teach her everything. Dam was she slow. Though older than me by don't know how much, she still very new to the system in the store. Well... had a lot of talking and explaining to do. Introduction was no problem but the terror came soon after.

The new staff was a SHE. Got retrenched from Singtel in Nov last year. From what I observed, she had a problem in counting money. What she count and what I count sum to different amounts. She also had a problem in trying to remember the various codes we use to key in certain products and she needs a lot of time in mastering the cash register. A LOT OF TIME!!!

Luckily I got some help from my AM or I'm really going to burst from my patience and start talking with anger...

Oh well... WHat to do??

Friday, February 11, 2005

Chinese New Year

Third day of Chinese New Year...
There was a mini 03S20 gathering at TPJC in the morning. The plan was to visit the techers then go to Peiyun's house. We didn't expect TPJC to be having a half day of school for CNY cum Hari Raya cum Total Defence day celebration today. It was nice to watch the performance but the boring part came to watching the PCK video on Total Defence. Laughter came in the mist of the celebration. My junior's junior actually lied on the side of the stage with a weird cat posture in front of Mrs Goh, our Principal!!! Everyone was laughting at his instead of the performance. Luckily I'm just the ex-president og the photography club. What a disaster!!!

We then went to Peiyun's house for steamboat after the celebration and played majong till the night falls. Had dinner at a nearby coffeeshop while my friend went to a clinic to get MC for work...
ha ha ha...
So tired...

Friday, January 28, 2005

7-Eleven Store Happiness

WOW!! 7-Eleven store was busting with lotsa people @ about 2.40pm today...

I was working there from 9am to 3pm...

Guess what cause the crowd????

Sly and Maina ( is that how you spell her name?? ) was in the store... Ha ha ha. A few people were asking Sly for signature. Even the store's AM, Jasmine asked him to sign on a poster, advertising the party with Taufik and Sly. Guess what he wrote? " Keep on Rocking ". Ha ha ha... According to my collegues, Sly came a few days ago. Wow... Let's hope that Tuafik will come down to my 7-Eleven store so that we can get a complete poster with both signatures.

Those who want to see the poster... its in the store juz above the counter... Ha ha

Hmm... Today I also got a letter of my pay... it prints: $255.50 and a deduction of $0.50 dun for what??? That sums up to a pay of $255 for my first pay... Hee hee. Though very little, but hey, I worked for my first pay. Its my first pay for my first work.

Oh well.....

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Serene's Birthday

Okie... Serene invited us to her birthday cum BBQ party yesterday.
19 years old liaoz....
It also was her first day at work.

Serene cutting the birthday cake made by her mun.

Me and Nona.

Esther and me.

Esther and Nona.

Charcoal... hot hot .

hooo... red hot Posted by Hello

Hahaha... went home at 11pm? It was difficult to get a cab back there at Downtown East. Hiaz...

Friday, January 14, 2005

Gunbound Prepaid Cards

Dam!!! I feel like being cheated by that stupid shop at Bedok Central. I bought a Gunbound prepaid card * first time * but I the website couln't get my security code thru... Tried so many times and the web keeps on saying that the code is a "entered number"... haiz... So I followed the number on the web and call the company... No one pick up... Nevermind, cos I had to go for work @ 6.30pm... So wait until today then call... but still no answer!

Logged on to the given website on the the card to find that the only way to contact then was thru email... So... E-mail lor... hope that they will reply soon and solve my problem...Really felt soooo cheated, something tells me that the number has either been recycled or tampered with... haiz... Whatever it is, I dun want my $$$ to go to waste... That card cost me $16.80.

Though I'm working, got $$, but it felt so painful to see that $$$ flying away when ht ecard doesn't work...

Can the company reply me soon????

Friday, January 7, 2005

CCA Orientation 2005

So fast... orientation 2005 has already begun and today's the day for the CCA exhibition. I came down to get my EAGLES award and also to visit Miss Tan and Miss Yan...

Miss Yan has been transferred to Film Society, a new CCA... So sad...

Many changes have been made to the school in TPJC: televisions at the foryer and canteen broadcasting CNA.... new round and rectangular tables at the canteen... no more plants at the sides of the canteen...

I heard from Ting and Tong that even the canteen vendors have changed... looking at the forum just now in the photog room, it seems that canteen standards have gone from good to bad to worst. Someone even wrote in the forum that the canteen food now tastes so bad that even the crows dare not even come to take a bite... WOW! Can imagine the standard of the canteen food right now. Think even the ants have to make a detour round dropped food...

Poor Ting and Tong and all other ppl who survived on the chicken rice stall... it now tastes so bad that the queue has shortened greatly.

CCA exhibition wasn't that happening. Not many students attended it. But the club manages to get one and a half pages long of names... hopefully these ppl are serious about joining.

Today only managed to see Mrs Tay and Mdm Yap and caught a view of Mei Chew. Misses Mrs Foong...

Ah Tong and Miss Piggy...

Enjoying the chocolate roll i bought from Polar... Posted by Hello

Monday, January 3, 2005

:: Prom Night Pictures ::


I got some pictures of the Prom Night ( thanks to Chee Hao, who has offered to burn the pictures onto a cd for me *applause* )

Ha ha ha...

I figured out on how to put more pictures in one post...


At the night, 1st December...

Group photo of 03S20 at the prom after the dinner

( which ended @ about 11pm+ )

Wen Long and Edwin Zhuang...

See, they both got the same hair styles

( Monks are they? )

Our class guys / "pests"

That what our civics tutor cum GP tutors says about our class boys...

They are all " PESTS "

*ahhem* except a few...

Another one...pests

Chee Hao and Ed.Z

Shou Zhi " the Handsome One " and Ed.Z

Poh Lu, Poh Lu, Poh Lu, Poh Lu and Chee Hao

*what are the two of them trying to do??*

Wen Long and Lixuan

The famous "UMBRELLA BOY"

Well known amongst many JCs...

At 4am in the morning, 2nd December...

Okie... party's over...

shh... the 'handsome one' and Jason are sleeping

" 我没有醉!!!"... Jason

Shou Zhi..... What are you doing??

" 我是 police... 我很帅... 有我就有 zero crime rate..."

ZZZZZZZZ.... Posted by Hello


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