Friday, November 26, 2004

Spongebob Square Pants

Hahahaha, I found this picture online. Posted by Hello

See, its my favourite cartoon character.

Lives in bikini bottoms.

Has got a few friends: Patrick the starfish, Sandy the sea squrrial, and his favourite jellyfish friends.

House: Pineapple.

Pet name: Gary the sea snail.

Oh..... who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

'A' Level is over!!!!!

Oh yes!!!!!! Finally, all the hard work is done over with. I will be taking the LAST paper in the 'A' Level syllabus ( pronounced as 'air' level ) today @ 2pm. Hahaha... its the Physics design question paper. Is there a need to study??

Tian Cai said:" Who ever study for study for today's paper will get beaten..."


Ok, after the paper.. its PARTY time !!!!

Hmm, an analysis of yesterday's paper:

Physics paper 3 - Generally able to do, although can't remember the correct definition for some but still have some idea. Fluid was a bit of problem... No buoyancy, no metacentre, no Bernouill equation, no ball spinning. Came out: " define incompressable, non-turbulent, streamline fluid... terminal velocity... etc "

F. Maths paper 2 - Think its on the average side, mechanics still doing ok, statistics rather tricky with that regression question ( i attempted it ). But, what was disturbing was that the statistics section had both geometric and negative exponential questions, which also everyone was practically weak at. Well, at least the geometric one wasn't so bad, and like what Mrs Tay said, the negative exp. question was that we couldn't understand the concept...

Generally, I'm satisfied with my answers.


Monday, November 22, 2004

Olinda is OUT!!!!!

*Sob, sob*

I can't believe that Olinda is out of the Singapore Idol. I dare admit that I fell in love with Oli's "manly" voice after the first time I heard her sing:

" When my rimba rhythm start to sway

Dance with me

Make we sway... "

Wow!!! Oli has got a good voice.

Too bad, she lacks the popularity which Sly and Taufik had.

Nevermind, now Oli is out... my support goes to Taufik ( of course ).

Come to think of it, both of them were given a second chance to compete in the Singapore Idol. I think that Taufik deserves the Singapore Idol title. He has indeed put in lots of effort in his singing.

" I get the energy from the crowd..... the more crowd there is, the more energy I get..." that's what he said in today's morning show.

Well.... there goes Oli...

GO Taufik!!!

Friday, November 19, 2004


FINALLY!!! I managed to fit a few sections into the sidebar... Ain't me great??

But still, i can't add another blog into my account. WHY???

tODAY's weather: VERY windy...

mY mOOd: rather HAPPY, cos only got 3 more papers left ( or rather 2 papers left )

Hmm... it seems that I am starting to miss all the various photog sessions I used to have [ with Franics or Mr Choong ]. Well, photog is fun with all the "weird" people in there..... Ben Ting's obession with the bracket's ring... Tong with his girlfriend called Princess always hanky panky... BENita, who likes to use the photog room always...Miss Tan, whose chocolate got eaten up by her "STUDENT"... Miss Yan and her trip to EGYPT soon...

Everything here in Photography Club is Fun!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Physics Paper 1 & 2 ( Follow up )

Hmm... Today's paper wasn't so bad afterall. At least somewhat better than what I had in the Prelims. It seems that the examiners like to set questions on " state the value of...... [ 1 ] ". This kind of questions are indeed easy. So easy that it would be 50/50 chance of getting them right. No method marks, no... , only answer marks. Furthermore... they asked some funny questions in the Data Anlyasis section which i heard from a number of people that they weren't sure of the answers... Is that good or bad??

For the first time, I was able to answer all the questions in Paper 2. Yeh!!!! Though some answers may not be totally correct.

Well, at least that shows that I know majority of my contents. :)

Paper 1 was quite ok except two questions which I wasn't sure of the working...

Overall, I rate the both papers as manageable. It's not that bad as you might have thought of it to be.

Maybe the examiners are out to kill in Paper 3???


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Physics Paper 1 & 2 tomorrow!!!

Arrgh.... physics paper is tomorrow and i am now not in the mood to study for it!! HOW???????



Ok... relax... relaxing...


MRS FOONG!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha

Mrs Foong and the class of 03s20.

Though not the whole class is here. [ Including me :( ]

Teacher's name: Mrs Foong-Hor Lee Har.

Subject teaching: Further Mathematics.

Area specialty: Mechanics.

Commonly seen: At benches with lots of students queueing up to ask her Mechanics questions.

Danger: Catching students skipping FM classes/lectures... hai...

Mrs Foong is my favourite teacher as she is the best teacher of all. Never fails to explain your questions in details, she tries to change the way of explaining if you STILL don't understand. Although the boys in my class always get nagged by her, but the nagging still come to good use when it comes to BIG exams.

She is the best teacher indeed...Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

HEy... Winnie the Pooh has come to visit me Posted by Hello


Darn!!!! I'm not good in computer technology.

Can't even create another blog column in my blog...

Can someone help ME!!!

I'm at a lost :(

Ha Ha Ha MAthEmatiCs is OVER!!!

Yeh..... the maths paper is finally over. Never expect the papers to be rather easy. Question is: IS the paper really that easy?? Well... a hand full might say YES!! ME? no need to ask... HEY, i'm the maths pro here!!! ha ha ha...

After the paper, we met Mrs Foong near the canteen. She was asking:" So... which section did you all did?"

My answer: pure mechanics ( section C )

Mrs Foong gave me some look...

So... did i choose the wrong section??

Or was she expecting me to do the half - half section??

Oh well, i can now not forget anything about maths... hey, there's still FM papers the struggle through!!! how can forget maths??? REMEMBER: i'm the maths pro here!! Ha Ha Ha.. now.... concentrate!!! Its physics paper on thursday!!! and i'm am not going to let physics drag me down!!!!! GO GO GO!!!


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