Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Its the most stress period of the semester.
Exam time!!!!
As usual for this year, I ask for permission to study in the NUSPS darkroom.
I've only got 3 papers to sit for and the dates are rather spread out, allowing me to concentrate on one module each time.

And so,the hardworking me, trying to do well in Number Theory, found a few useful books in the library and borrowed them, 2 of which were renewed books.
And now I renew all the borrowed books again as the due date was 2 days before my paper.


The top 4 books are for MA4263: Intro to Analytic Number Theory
While the green book at the bottom is for MA3215: Differential Geometry

All nicely stacked up.

Book call number.
(is that what you call them? I can't remember)

Number Theory!!!

Hoping to ace the Number Theory paper,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Joyous delight

I reached home to find a delight on my table.
My orders from Amazon has arrived early.
Maybe it's the indication that they want me to do well in the Number Theory paper.

I order 2 books on Number Theory out of which, 2 were shipped out first.
From the status at Amazon, it's stated that the shipment will arrive sometime in mid May, which by that time, my exams have ended long ago.
So I thought that I'll get the book as my further reading purpose on my new interest in Number Theory.

But the parcel on my table brought joy for my Number Theory paper coming in 5 days' time.

Very light box to my surprise on my table.

Here it goes... I'm opening it.


Wrapped together to prevent damages.

Book 1: Introduction to Analytic Number Theory by Tom M. Apostol

Book 2.

The second book is too difficult for me to understand.
But nevermind, I shall try to understand it one day.
Yippee and enjoying Number Theory,

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Now this looks familar

Saw this at the entrance section of Borders where they display the books on promotion.
Doesn't the title sounds familar?


Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm in the Rubik's craze too

Suddenly, I'm interested in learning how to play rubik's cube.
I've seen this thing when I was young.
My grandmother house got one and I don't even knew how to play it back then.
All i knew was that I can turn the things around and jumble the colors up.
And suddenly, you start hearing on the news how fast people can the cube

There are a few kind of Rubik's cube: (that i know of)

The more commonly used one will be the 3x3 cube.
The pros will know about 200+ methods to solve the cube.
Only 1, and it's the free step by step guide I got from Toys-R-Us, where I bought by cube.

And my Prof. happened to tell me that he can solve the 5x5 cube and so does his daughter (still a primary school student).
Trying to learn more methods,

Scary deal

Fridays are days where Leonard doesn't like to stay in DMC at night.
Cos got PS meeting.
So today, we decided to 'siam' to vivocity to have dinner.
So long never eat Carl's Jr liao, hence the decision to have that for dinner.
The queue was rather long so I helped Leonard to order his together.
We had separate meals. (Carl's Jr meals are cheaper if shared. )
When it was my turn in the queue to order, I told the manager my orders and told him all normal meal.
Leonard wanted criss-cut fries for his meal instead of the normal fries.
Then I got stunned.
The manager took out 2 different size cups.
1 is meant for the normal size meal, the other was superly large.

So the following was what I told the manager:

Me: er... both meals are the normal meals

Manager: Yah. The smaller cup is for the portebella burger (mine) while
the big cup...
??????????... criss-cut fries...???????

Me: er... ok

I wasn't just me who got stunned.
Leonard was shocked to see the size of the cup when I told him that the big one is his.
In fact, even Nicholas and Yitleong were shocked at the size.
And we started to shoot the comparison with our handphone cameras.

Size compared with the pepper shaker.

Now, Yitleong's phone is included in the comparison.

It's huge like the Super Big Gulp at 7-Eleven.

Still stunned,

Monday, April 7, 2008

Yeah, I'm bored at lecture

Yes, I'm kinda bored listening to my physics lecturer talking crap sometimes.
The crap sometimes totally make not sense.
I'm bored that I managed to talk a picture of his lecture.

It's the last chapter on Partial Differential Equation.
And one kind of such equations, as you can see, is the Schrodinger Equation.

I have no idea how I will fair for this module.
Attending lecturer is like not attending cos most of the time I wasn't even listening.
(it's not typical of me, but it happens during physics lectures only. don't ask me why.)


Friday, April 4, 2008

SE3221 CA2: It's Show Time!

It's show time.
The reporting time for us was 4pm, 1 hour before the actual performance.
As I hardly check emails on weekday nights, I wasn't aware that the dancers had to bring shorts.
How great it was, I only got pants. (luckily they can be folded up)
The reason being that the dancers had to wear this pant-like-thing which is actually a piece of cloth that they tie it such that it becomes a pant. (It's complicated to explain)
Some say it's like the Ali-baba pants.

Male dancers waiting for the final rehearsal to begin.

Group photo after the show.

My lecturer, Ajarn Koong.
The show included guest performers from the Chulalongkorn University.
Their segments are very entertaining as they perform music from the different regions in Thailand.
I especially enjoyed the performance by a rather cute old man from the group.
(He's one of the music teachers there if I remember correctly.)
It was fun doing my second CA performance.
And I heard that the Thai Embassy people are quite impressed.

A round of applause everyone,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

SE3221 CA2: Rehearsal

We has our compulsory rehearsal session this evening.
The big day is tomorrow.
The class was brought to a seminar room at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory to do our rehearsal.
But the room was just to small to fit everyone in.

There wasn't enough space for the dancers to move around.
In the end, the musicians and singers went ahead with their practice first while the dancers were stranded outside the room doing nothing.

Since I was a dancer, I had the chance to limit myself to minimal movement inside the cramp semiar room. (thus the limit angle view)


The 2 drummers.

Singers and musicians listening to ajarn.


Dancers looking at the class.

The dancers felt that it wasn't fair that the rest of the class gets leave earlier cos they had their practice first.
We had a few rounds of practice on the bamboo before we called it a day.
By the time, it was already 8pm+ and I got 8am class tmr!!!

Tired and sleepy,


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