Thursday, May 29, 2014

Saving Changi Crabs

On this very morning, something upsetting happened at one of the beaches in Changi. Just as my friends and I were about to end our intertidal survey, we found a 50m driftnet. It is unsure how long the driftnet had been laid.
Looking at the driftnet after we brought it in in sections.
[Photo from Project Driftnet]
It took us plenty of patience and skills to untangle and cut free the trapped marine animals from the net.
Working hard and carefully to free the tangled flower crabs from the net.
[Photo from Project Driftnet]
In total, we counted 40 flower crabs, 1 stone crab, 1 stingray, 1 horseshoe crab, 1 flounder and some decomposed fish.

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm a human climbing crab at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

When I mention "Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal", what will you relate it to? Ferries, Golf, Resorts, Bintan, overseas, travelling, holiday.

Do you know that as you walked along the jetty to your ferry, you had actually just walked over a reclaimed areas that has transformed into a beautiful coral garden? Corals, where are they? They are actually right at the base of the seawall.
Beautiful coral garden at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
[Photo by Loh Kok Sheng]
I covered a different stretch of the coral garden on this trip to the shore near Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

New signs of life on Changi Beach

Right after a three day Leafmonkey workshop "Walking with Nature at SOTA", some of us only had a few hours of sleep before we head out for another session with nature. The only difference is that we do not see people, but marine animals on our intertidal shores. The location: Changi Beach.
The stretch of shore we covered on this trip is full of new life. I came across so many juvenile animals such as this seagrass pipefish. You can tell how small it is by comparing the pipefish with the size of the spoon seagrass (Halophila ovalis).
Juvenile seagrass pipefish
I came across another juvenile seagrass pipefish later.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ubin Tua Pek Kong Celebration - Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of a 6 days celebratory festival of Pulau Ubin Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple (Tua Pek Kong). Everyone is welcome to this celebratory event and there is event free bumboat service provided in the evening for all 6 days.

Notification banner at Ubin jetty.
At Changi Point Ferry Terminal, the same banner is placed outside Ubin Seafood Restaurant, next to the ferry terminal. While at the drop-off point of the ferry terminal, the schedule of events and free bumboat services is displayed.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The beauty of Pulau Hantu

Many people will relate 'Hantu' as the Malay word for ghost and hence the island Pulau Hantu is literally referred to as "Ghost Island". The island is actually far from the spooky tales and myths of restless spirits or ghosts.
Pulau Hantu looks tiny compared to its refinery neighbour, Pulau Bukom.
Image from Google earth.
The whole of Pulau Hantu is formed by two separate "Hantu" islets - Hantu Besar (Big Ghost) and Hantu Kechil (Little Ghost).

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Drone-ing Kusu Island

Located on one of Singapore's southern islands is this beautiful jetty and Chinese temple.
Panoramic view of the jetty
Chinese Temple
Where am I?


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