Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Its the most stress period of the semester.
Exam time!!!!
As usual for this year, I ask for permission to study in the NUSPS darkroom.
I've only got 3 papers to sit for and the dates are rather spread out, allowing me to concentrate on one module each time.

And so,the hardworking me, trying to do well in Number Theory, found a few useful books in the library and borrowed them, 2 of which were renewed books.
And now I renew all the borrowed books again as the due date was 2 days before my paper.


The top 4 books are for MA4263: Intro to Analytic Number Theory
While the green book at the bottom is for MA3215: Differential Geometry

All nicely stacked up.

Book call number.
(is that what you call them? I can't remember)

Number Theory!!!

Hoping to ace the Number Theory paper,

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