Saturday, July 5, 2008

The new 17 bus

I was in luck today.
For the past few days, I've seen new buses for service 17 plying to my house.
But I have yet to get the chance to take a ride in it.
And finally today, I caught the bus from Bedok Interchange back home.

The new bus is actually the new handicap friendly bus.
It can take 2 wheelchairs and it has a low floor.
This allows easy access for elderly people.

There wasn't much passengers on the bus.
I took the last seat got 2 photos of the bus.

View of the bus from the back seat

One of the seats at the back row has seat belts on it because that seat is facing the walkway.
The seat belt ensures that passenger does not fly out of the seat in case of hard breaking.

This may sound a funny but there has never been such buses running near my area and hence I've never taken such buses.
Towards the back seats, the floor is levelled up so sitting at the last row feels like sitting on a high platform in the bus.

Swa ku me,

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