Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nike+ Human Race 10K

Saw this interesting race from my nus email lately.

The race looks interesting.
I've got this interest in joining it.
Not because of the satisfaction of completing 10km.
But I think it's because of the t-shirt.
It has been a long time since I last ran (the last time was in JC?).
And I don't like running cause I always get pain in my calf muscles after running a short distance (by short, I really mean short like 400m).
A simple google on it shows that I've got tight calf muscles and here's what the website says:

Why do they tighten up?
You might have a compartment syndrome.
You might have a bio mechanical problem in your running style and need orthotics. See a sports injury specialist or podiatrist that can do bio mechanical analysis.
Your muscles have gradually tightened up over a period of months through poor stretching.
Tiny micro tears in the muscles cause them to go into spasm. When they are in spasm or contracted then blood cannot easily get into them. The muscles have squeezed the blood out like a sponge. If the muscles do not get enough blood then they will not get enough nutrients and so will tighten up to protect themselves and weaken and so on.

The longest distance I've survived running without stopping was like 800m?
That's only 8% of the 10km race.
The rest of the 92%?
Walk lor.
Or jog when my legs are not hurting.
The race route is closed to traffice only for 2 hours.
That means if I decided to walk all the way, I must complete 10km in less than 2 hours (have to minus time for the huge crowd to pass the starting mark).
What to do?
I don't have to stamina to run that long.

To join or not to join?

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