Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A great gift for my greatest colleague

It is very difficult for me to get gifts for my friends, regardless of the occasion.
My greatest colleague is leaving school soon and she was the best working partner I ever had.
She being an art teacher, I decided to do something artistic and informative for her.

It was not an easy process deciding what to create for her. Since I had not use the modelling clay I bought long time ago, it was time to put into good use. The idea was to create a family of False clown anemonefish living in a sea anemone. The family will represent my colleague's family.

So here are the images of the product.
Incomplete work, mama fish on the anemone.
Incomplete work, top view.
Incomplete view, juvenile fish hiding in anemone.
Papa fish completed
Final arrangement
Final arrangement, angled view
Final product, in a display tank.
Gift comes complete with information sheet about the animals.
And... My colleague loves it.

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