Saturday, April 28, 2012

The case of the missing and reappearing bird nest

Last week (21 April), Ria noticed that the sunbird's nest outside the female toilet at Pasir Ris Park carpark C was gone/removed/destroyed (?). We were rather sad about it and we didn't took photos of it that day.

Today, we noticed the nest back at the same spot. Weird....

A sunbird's nest outside the female toilet

 A close up view of the nest
It was puzzling for us as we saw the nesting nest 3 weeks ago at the exact same location. Last week when we came back, it was gone. This week it appeared again. Some disappearing act!

However on a closer comparison with the photo Ria took 3 weeks ago, it looks like a different set of nest.

Image taken by Ria Tan on 24 March

Image taken me on 28 April
By comparing the structure of the two nests, it looks like what we saw today is a different set of sunbird's nest.

Case closed!

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  1. Great investigative work! Amazing that another nest is back! Thanks for this.



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