Sunday, November 21, 2010

Macro @ Punggol

It's the school holiday period.
I get more time to go on outings with my friends.
This morning, we went to punggol. One of my friends was looking for a specific species of dragonfly.
The sun was up and shining brightly on us. It was really hot.

There wasn't much subjects to shoot.
The dragonflies were swift in their flight.
The only catch I got was this.

Spine-tufted Skimmer (Male)

There were a few spiders to shoot, but I'm afraid of spiders so I just looked at them.
Amongst the few spiders, one of them is the Singapore Tarantula.
It's really small and gives a nasty bite.

The rest of my images can be found here.

Pei Yan

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