Saturday, May 1, 2010

What the kids gave me.

What do lovely kids do in class?
They write notes during my lessons and secretly place them in my marker box (thought I strongly disprove them of doing so).
Never thought that a simple post-it can be so useful under the creativity of my sec 3 math girls.
Most of the time when I walk back to change a marker, there will be a note place in my marker box.
Out of class, I enjoyed reading their little notes and they are so lovely and beautiful.

This is the very first piece that I got from my student.
Actually, she recycled a piece of paper that she has written wrongly on the other side.

These came in bits and pieces.
SInce most of them are post-it, I have decided to stick them onto a piece of paper and keep them in a plastic folder.

All of the "little" (some not so little) notes are pasted on my table's wall.

Lovely notes,

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