Saturday, July 4, 2009

AYG- Beach Volleyball Boys Preliminaries

Today was my first time watching a beach volleyball game.
It is also my first game watching live at the location.

This is boys preliminary round of the AYG's beach volleyball game.
It was held at Sentosa siloso beach, the area where my friends and I played volleyball weekly.
The games were exciting, looking at the players serve, receive, set and spike.

I did not know that the entrance fees are rather cheap.
It cost only $4 for the preliminary session and $8 for semi-finals and finals.
Prices excludes sistic's $1 charge.

The weather was pretty hot and its at the beach, so I did not carry my camera with me.
But there's still my trusty 5mp camera hp. :)

How I hope that I can play a 2-on-2 game nicely.
It requires a lot of stamina and running.


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