Friday, April 17, 2009

CCSS X-Country 2009

No school today.
Because the school is having her annual cross country cum 2.4km run at the East Coast Park.
The gathering point is at the sandcastle building area.
Since it's rather near, I've decided to cycle to the location.

Before that, I met up with Mdm Poon and Sophia for breakfast at east coast mac to have coincidentally met Liping and Joo Huat.
I ordered the Sausage McGriddles with Egg meal with Ice Lemon Tea.
Oh... I'm loving the McGriddle.
It is actually hotcake with maple syrup sauce shaped into the shape of a muffin bun.
Yummy... I want to eat it again.

After breakfast, I cycled to the gathering point - Sandcastle Beach.

The whole event ended at about 11.30am.
Ruby house was a total disappointment.
Only a handful of the students were cheering and they looked so dead.
After the event was lunch at Parkway's Jack's Place.
It's my first time there.
I ordered the NZ Ribeye Steak, medium done.
It's nice and the potato with the sour-cream and bacon bits is tasty.
It was nice lunch as 6 teachers got to seat down for a nice out of school chat. (We hardly get a chance to do that)

After lunch was cycling back home.
It was about 2pm and the sun was hot hot hot!

Reached home so tired, wet and shagged.

Total distance cycled: about 21km
It was a nice cycle.

Pedal Pedal,

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