Sunday, October 5, 2008

A rather lost feeling

There was once a friend who almost had her first relationship.
Unfortunately before the relationship could even started, the boy fell in love with another person (who happened to be the friend's friend) and it hit her deeply.
It took quite some time for the friend to recover.
And now, the friend and the boy are still friends but somehow, she and the girl friend fell out totally.
The girl friend simply cut out any form of communications with the friend.

Recently, the friend has started to place her eyes on another friend.
They have been talking to each other online quite often.
Once, the two of them met up with another friend who came back from overseas for a coffee chat.
And the guy friend told her that he's eyeing on one of his friends.
Well... that hit the friend's heart.
It's saddening for the friend but she is still talking and having fun with him.

The friend is in a dilemma.
She doesn't know if she should tell her friend that she like him or should she just stay quiet and let things flow.

Love is complicated,

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